Beni Ouarain Colors

This timeless and tasteful carpet consists of bold black patterns, matching beautifully with Ivory field.
A stunning Beni Ourain featuring a medium pile of 100% natural wool and time-warned tassels in the other end.

100% wool and hand knotted

Color: Traditional black Berber diamond pattern in natural ivory base

  • Beni Ouarain Marmoucha
  • 100% wool and hand knotted
  • Size: 232 x 150 cm
  • Hand made in Morocco

 750,00 incl. BTW

The Story

Authentic, natural and a piece of the Moroccan Soul

Beni Ourain rugs possess a spirit and a character. It is a reflection of the daily life of the women that make it. Most of our vintage Beni rugs are cream(ivory) in color, although differences in the tone are found depending on the sheep’s color. They are considered to be the most prestigious rugs in Morocco, made from the very finest wool.

Weight 14 kg


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