Lolami hair brush


Pliable Eco- Plastic
Highly hygienic
Multi-layered Grid
Light weighted.
Suitable for Wigs and extensions.
Excellent tool for in the Shower and Hammam.
Ideal to use with INAYA Hair Treatment.
Comes with a shower hanging bag.

 13,00 incl. BTW

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LOLAMI is a brush with unique soft, flexible bristles to detangle the hair effortlessly.

Thanks to its upgraded hollow design, this brush is ideal for detangling without pulling or snapping hair.

It is glue-free, light weighted and is great for Wet and Curly hair. Flexible bristles glide easily through even the most tangled hair;

perfect for both dry and wet hair and can also be used with a hairdryer thanks to the open eyes allowing the heat to circulate.


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