Are you looking for a fun activity with friends or colleagues? Then consider a cooking workshop. At our own location we can easily receive groups up to a maximum number of 7 people [if the group is larger, please contact us].

We have several cooking workshops [focusing on North African cuisine] available for you and don’t think you come just to eat, as you are expected to take an active part. To maybe serve some things at home later.

The various workshops consist of:

  • Tajine [fish, meat or vegetarian],
  • Meat preparation [lamb and/or beef from the oven],
  • Paella,
  • Mint tea,
  • And traditional Moroccan bread.
With our tajines we make it accessible for everyone to share a passion for delicious and pure food. Due to the unique shape of the tagine, you will always be amazed at the taste experience the tagine serves you.

If there are any wishes or requests about other dishes, we would of course like to hear from you. The knowledge within our team is so great that we may be able to provide you with a fun and educational afternoon.

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